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Quantity surveying is a crucial aspect of the construction industry, ensuring accurate cost estimations and efficient project management. Recognising the challenges faced by contractors in maintaining a full-time Quantity Surveyor, we offer flexible solutions tailored to both subcontractors and main contractors.

At HJH Commercial Consultants, we prioritise accuracy, efficiency, and client success, ensuring that every project is managed with utmost professionalism and expertise.

Always looking one step ahead

Our portfolio showcases our adeptness in handling intricate projects, managing programs, and overseeing portfolios within the United Kingdom. At HJH our commitment to exceptional customer service, fostering employee growth, and fostering innovation has earned us the esteemed title of "Small Consultancy of the Year" in 2023.

As a multidisciplinary contractual company, we specialise in the utilisation of all contracts including the use of the NEC forms of engineering and construction contracts. Our unique skill set allows us to navigate the intricacies of these contracts with precision and efficiency.

Quantity Surveyor Services: Trust the ExpertsHJH Commercial - Quantity Surveyor Services

Quantity Surveying

Below Are Some Of The Areas Where We Can Support Your Project.


We understand that contractors often find it challenging to have a full-time Quantity Surveyor on their team. That's where we come in with our flexible "ad-hoc" solution for sub-contractors and specialists. Our specific expertise enables us to assist you with tendering, variation pricing, or claims negotiation whenever you need it.

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Main Contractors

For Main Contractors & Developers, we provide support for existing commercial or estimating teams when an immediate requirement for a QS arises or when a specific event demands dedicated resources. We can engage with you on a full-time or part-time basis, providing project QS/Senior QS level commercial management services. This includes handling existing main and sub-contracts administration, supply chain procurement, and Bills of Quantities Preparation for large construction projects. Cost monitoring, CVR & WIP reporting, site measures, client meetings, Forecasting

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To ensure the success of your major building project, understanding how an experienced Quantity Surveyor can assist is vital. These experts excel at estimating construction costs, making them valuable collaborators in ensuring your designs remain affordable and sparing you unnecessary stress.

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This includes:

  • Tendering & Pricing
  • Contract Administration / Change Control
  • Subcontract Management
  • Final Account Settlement / Dispute Resolution
  • Typical Roles & Quantity Surveyor Can Assist With...
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Tendering & Pricing

We offer our services to many organisations that either offer or tender for contracts in the civil engineering industry. These can include local authorities in charge of maintaining roads and public spaces, government-owned companies like Highways England, and private companies in the utilities & renewable energy industry and either working on construction or improvement projects.

Here are some of the areas in which we can add real value:

PQQ (pre-qualification questionnaire) completion

Tender Book & Rate Production - estimating & producing bill of quantities or Activity Schedule.  

Drawing Take-offs -We can complete multi-discipline take-off’s and bill of quantities production for a project with the latest software.

As experienced Estimators, our goal is to assist clients in securing the most suitable projects at the right value. We achieve this by utilising our Estimating software and updates rates and prices to generate detailed estimates. Our team is bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

When it comes to Quantities take-off from drawings and pricing in-house trades, we have it covered. Our expertise extends to pricing up most Subcontract trades using first principles estimating, which involves a comprehensive breakdown of Labor, Plant, and current materials rates. From Groundwork, Utilities, Renewable Energy, Drainage, to Civil Engineering projects, we handle all Take-offs and Pricing on a project-specific basis.

To ensure efficient project management, we offer Project Construction work programs based on the tender information, using Microsoft Project or P6. Additionally, our proficiency in the latest measuring software allows us to precisely scale, measure, and mark up PDF Drawings.

We take pride in accurately assessing labour requirements and transforming this information into actionable project programs. At HJH Commercial Consultants in the Estimating department, we understand that each estimate holds immense significance to you, and rest assured, it holds the same level of importance to our dedicated team. Whether it's a one-off project or multiple undertakings, we are here to cater to your estimation needs and support your success.

We will work with you before and after the tender submission in summary:

- TQ’s
- Take Off’s
- Mid bid review’s  
- Price build-up 
- Tender Submission Letter 
- Exclusions & Assumptions 
- Post submission queries

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Post-Award Contract Evaluations: Dispensing Counsel and Risk Management

Conducting comprehensive contract reviews stands among the pivotal imperatives for any corporation. A profound comprehension of the contract under consideration, the scope of obligations undertaken, the allocation of risks, and the allocation of terms and conditions are imperative.

We undertake the task of analysing requisite contracts, generating an exhaustive analysis and succinct overview of the pivotal components embedded within. Subsequently, our expertise is devoted to advising on detecting elements that warrant rejection, acceptance, or negotiations.

This encompassing procedure entails explanation of contract-relevant data, an evaluation of the contract's feasibility, and the projection of potential contractual liabilities.

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Contract Administration/Change Control

Administration of Change Control - ensuring any change to the scope of works are administered, calculated and applied for correctly.

Submission of Early Warning Notices’ We assist in preparing and submitting all Early Warning Notice’s to the client, keeping an up-to-date Risk Register, and attending Risk Reduction/Early Warning meetings to minimise all risks to a project, benefiting both your company and your client.

Notification and Submission of Compensation Event’s – We will assist in the preparation, submission, negotiation, and pricing of all of your projects Compensation Events, in line with the specific contractual timescales/clauses and in a way that ensures all entitlement is realised, both in terms of time and cost.

Application’s For Payment – It is imperative for us that our clients have the comfort of knowing they will be receiving payment for works completed in a timely manner. HJH leave no stone unturned to ensure that all Payment Applications are submitted within timescales and inclusive of all measures and supporting information required to allow for timely assessment and certification.  

Final Accounts - preparation and negotiation of final account settlements

Disputes - support and assistance with any contractual disputes

Commercial representation - we can be in attendance at any meeting required to offer support as well as making sure all risks are mitigated.

Cost and Value Reporting & Forecasting (CVRs) – reporting the financial performance of each project in order to monitor and measure cost/expenditures against value/budgets on construction projects

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Subcontract Management

HJH’s expert team are highly experienced in the onboarding and management of subcontract packages. Beginning with a thorough onboarding process, including the review of insurances and portfolio of work to ensure the subcontractor is the right one for your project, writing the contract and negotiating the terms in a way that manages your risk under the main contract and maximises the projects profitability. HJH will take care of the day-to-day management of the Subcontract packages, including joint measures, the review of Applications for Payment, processing of Payment Certificates, Managing Changes to the subcontract and Final Accounts.

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Final Account Settlement / Dispute Resolution

Retention Practices in Construction Industry:
Retention practices, involving the deduction of approximately 5% from subcontractor applications, are widespread in the construction sector. Many subcontractors encounter challenges in reclaiming this withheld amount. The recovery process often proves arduous and time-intensive, prompting many subcontractors to abandon their efforts to retrieve the funds.

Mitigation of Delays and Enhanced Payment Practices:
HJH is proficient in mitigating delays and counteracting methodologies implemented by certain principal contractors. Our involvement frequently results in expedited payment, reflecting our commitment to swift and efficient financial resolution. HJH takes pride in its notable track record of successful recovery efforts.

Lessons Learned Evaluation:
We offer comprehensive lessons learned reviews, encompassing analysis, reporting, and presentation. By dissecting the outcomes of specific projects, clients, or contracts, we aim to identify successes and areas for improvement. This initiative facilitates the avoidance of recurring mistakes and the formulation of learning objectives for subsequent endeavours.

Enhanced Business Services:
HJH extends a range of business services targeted at bolstering operational processes and overall performance.

Business Health Check and Gap Analysis:
Our services encompass a thorough evaluation of prevailing business processes. This evaluation entails an assessment of the existing state and a vision of the desired state, culminating in a concise roster of actionable measures designed to guide the company toward its goals.

Cashflow Forecasting:
We provide adept cash flow forecasting, offering insight into the inflow and outflow of funds within your enterprise. This entails projections of anticipated revenue and expenditures, thereby ensuring comprehensive awareness of the company's financial position in the forthcoming months. Such documentation proves pivotal when new contracts are awarded, facilitating a determination of the company's capacity to undertake the project.

Overhead Cost Understanding and Optimisation:
A comprehensive knowledge of overhead costs, alongside the requisite profit margin to cover them, is indispensable for any enterprise. We strive to thoroughly comprehend and elucidate overhead expenditures, extending advisory and supportive measures to align overheads with the business's sustainable parameters.

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Typical Roles of a Quantity Surveyor that we can assist with.

Pre-contract cost advice and cost planning
- Preparing and using cost data derived from the plans and drawings
- Project timeline and program
- Undertaking feasibility work
- Producing estimates, budgets and cost plans
- Undertaking value engineering, comparative design studies
- Utilising cost-in-use studies, life cycle costing
- Preparing and interpreting turnover and cash flow projections
- Providing cost control during pre-contract
- Advising on different forms of contract and procurement routes
Contract documentation
- Preparing bills of quantities
- Preparing bills of re-measurement for final account
- Preparing schedules of rates
- Preparing Activity Schedule
- Data processing
-Pre-contract correspondence
- Advising on different methods of measurement
Tendering and contractual arrangements
- Formulating and implementing procedures on tendering and contractual arrangements
- Advising on selection of tenderers
- Preparing tenders
- Evaluating tenders
- Pricing Schemes from first principles.
Post contract award services.
- Advising on cost progress of works
- Monitoring proposed construction methods
- Providing cost control during progress of works
- Preparing interim valuations
- Analysing contract prices relative to cost recording methods
- Preparing and agreeing final accounts and contract charges
- Reporting on, evaluating and negotiating contractual issues
- Producing reconciliation statements for management purposes
- Subcontractor Management.
- Surveying, measuring and recording site information
- Providing risk management from inception to completion
- Change management; Early Warning Variations, Compensation Events
- Assessing and presenting contractual claims.
- CVR reporting.
- WIP reporting
- Financial forecasts.

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frequently asked Questions

Our team of experienced quantity surveyors is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable cost management solutions for your projects. We know that navigating the intricacies of construction expenses can be overwhelming, so we're here to support you and the process.

Browse through our FAQ section to find answers to common queries, ranging from what a quantity surveyor does, to how we can optimize your project's budget and ensure its success. We're committed to transparency and clarity, so if you can't find the information you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly. Learn more about the role of a quantity surveyor in managing project finances and maintaining contractual relationships.

What is a Quantity Surveyor?

A Quantity Surveyor is a professional in the construction industry who focuses on managing costs, contracts, and ensuring value for money in construction and infrastructure projects.

What is the primary role of a Quantity Surveyor in a construction project?

Their main role is to manage and control the costs of a construction project, from initial estimates through to the final accounts. They also handle contractual matters and ensure value for money.

What is a Bill of Quantities (BoQ) & Activity Schedule?

Bill of Quantities is a detailed document in construction and procurement that lists the quantities, descriptions, and estimated costs of materials, labour, and services required for a project. It provides a clear breakdown for pricing and bidding purposes.

Activity Schedule, on the other hand, is a timeline that outlines the sequence of tasks, their start and finish dates, and dependencies within a project. It helps in project planning and management by organising the work into specific activities. Both documents aid in cost estimation, resource allocation, and project scheduling for effective execution.

When should I engage a Quantity Surveyor for my project?

It's best to involve a QS at the earliest stages of your project. Early involvement can ensure a more accurate budget estimate and more effective financial management throughout the project.

Are Quantity Surveyors only involved in large-scale projects?

No. While QS are often associated with large projects, their expertise can be valuable for projects of any size, providing cost management and contractual advice.

Can a Quantity Surveyor assist with dispute resolution?

Yes. QS have expertise in contractual matters and can offer advice or act as mediators in disputes over project costs, variations, or other contractual issues.

Is it compulsory to have a Quantity Surveyor for construction projects?

It's not always compulsory, but having a QS ensures costs are effectively managed and the project remains on budget. In certain contracts or regions, it might be a requirement.

What is the difference between the NEC, JCT and FIDIC and other forms of contract

NEC, JCT, and FIDIC are all standard types of construction contracts used in the infrastructure  industry. They each have their own distinct characteristics and are designed to serve different purposes. Here's an overview of the differences between these three and other contract types:

NEC (New Engineering Contract):
Focus: NEC contracts highlight collaboration, flexibility, and risk-sharing between parties.
Management: NEC contracts place a strong emphasis on project management, with clear roles and responsibilities for each party. The Project Manager (PM) has a central role in administering the contract.
Risk Allocation: The party best equipped to manage a particular risk is assigned that risk under NEC contracts. The contract promotes early identification and resolution of issues.
Compensation: Payment mechanisms are based on defined costs, target costs, and gain/pain share mechanisms.
Time Management: NEC contracts use a "compensation event" mechanism to manage changes and delays.
Versions: NEC3 and NEC4 are the two most commonly used editions of NEC contracts.

JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal):
Focus: JCT contracts provide a balanced approach to allocating risk between parties.
Tradition: JCT contracts have a long history and are widely used in the UK construction industry.
Varieties: There are various types of JCT contracts available for different project types and procurement methods.
Payment: JCT contracts typically include interim payments and final payments based on defined project stages.
Dispute Resolution: JCT contracts often include mechanisms for resolving disputes, such as adjudication, arbitration, or legal action.
Types: Examples include JCT Standard Building Contract, JCT Design and Build Contract, and more.

FIDIC (Fédération Internationale Des Ingénieurs-Conseils):
International: FIDIC contracts are commonly used for international building projects and are sometimes called the "Rainbow Suite" due to their various contract types represented by different colors.
Risk Sharing: FIDIC contracts aim to strike a balance between the interests of parties and include provisions for sharing risks.
Editions: FIDIC contracts come in different editions and contract types, such as Red Book (Construction), Yellow Book (Plant and Design-Build), Silver Book (EPC/Turnkey), etc.
Dispute Avoidance: FIDIC contracts emphasize avoiding disputes through mechanisms like the Engineer's role in decision-making and dispute resolution boards.
Types: Different FIDIC editions suit different project types and delivery methods.

Other types of contracts:
ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers): Frequently used for civil engineering projects.
PPC (Project Partnering Contract): Stresses collaboration and long-term relationships.
ACA (Association of Consultant Architects): Tailored for architectural and design-related contracts.