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Our prowess as project managers shines through in the multitude of diverse construction projects we've adeptly executed across the UK. This includes a commendable track record in the public sector, boasting numerous award-winning ventures. Our team is unflinching in the face of challenges, employing a resilient approach that anticipates and resolves issues proactively.

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Our portfolio showcases our adeptness in handling intricate projects, managing programs, and overseeing portfolios within the United Kingdom. At HJH our commitment to exceptional customer service, fostering employee growth, and fostering innovation has earned us the esteemed title of "Small Consultancy of the Year" in 2023.
As a multidisciplinary contractual company, we specialise in the utilisation of all contracts including the use of the NEC forms of engineering and construction contracts. Our unique skill set allows us to navigate the intricacies of these contracts with precision and efficiency.

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NEC Contract

We provide consultancy services for a wide range of clients, including contractors, subcontractors, and others who are either in the process of considering or are already engaged in NEC contracts for works or services. Our approach is highly flexible, designed to meet the specific needs of our clients precisely when they require support. Our services can be tailored to provide NEC Contract advice in a reactive and ad-hoc manner, or we can collaborate closely with you to establish a well-defined scope of services, complete with agreed-upon outputs and deliverables.

Formulating a strategy for procurement and contractual arrangements

When creating a strategy for procuring and selecting the right NEC contract, our first step is to collaborate with clients to grasp their motivations, needs, and priorities. We use both quantitative models and qualitative assessments to arrive at the best solution.

Working alongside you, we explore different procurement options, evaluating risks and considering any lessons learned from your previous projects. Procurement routes could include: traditional client design, contractor design and build, early contractor involvement, management contracting and construction management, as well as alliancing and partnering models. The various forms within the NEC contract suite cater to all these procurement approaches.

The NEC forms offer a wide range of strategies, including fixed price, target cost, and cost reimbursable contracts. The financial arrangement within a contract is connected to the procurement strategy, but both remain independent. For instance, a design and build contract could be based on a fixed price or cost reimbursable basis. Developing a contract strategy involves decisions on how risk is divided between the parties and is primarily focused on cost and time. Other important factors to think about include incentives, payment terms, liability, and insurance.

The NEC contracts provide flexibility in allocating risk through their main and secondary options. We collaborate with clients to advise them on the different options available so that the contract strategy reflects the project's needs and priorities. This ensures that risk is allocated appropriately to achieve the best value.

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Preparing the Contract Data

As part of our services, we often undertake the drafting of Contract Data during the preparation of tender documents and the implementation of contract strategies. We also provide an independent review service for Contract Data that has been prepared by third parties.

The Contract Data is essentially the blueprint of the contract's terms and conditions. It includes specific information about the contract that is crucial for both parties to effectively manage and operate under the agreement. The process of preparing Contract Data should align with the client's chosen contract strategy.

The Contract Data is presented in the form of a blank document with two sections that need to be completed to make the contract legally binding. The first part is completed by the Client, while the second part is the responsibility of the Contractor. However, it's important not to approach this as a mere administrative task. The NEC forms stress that, "Completing the data in full, in accordance with the chosen Options, is essential to create a complete contract." Mistakes or omissions in the Contract Data can result in uncertainty between the parties and potentially lead to disputes.

The Contract Data includes various elements, such as a brief description of the project, names and addresses of the involved parties, specified start and finish dates, provisions for compensation in case of delays, payment terms, and other commercial details that are used to assess compensation events. It also incorporates data relevant to the selected primary and secondary options. Furthermore, the Contract Data outlines any limitations on liability and the levels of insurance coverage. Notably, the NEC4 forms have introduced a provision for incorporating additional compensation events as part of the Contract Data.

We possess extensive experience in drafting Scope/Works Information for various NEC contract forms. By collaborating closely with the client's team and project partners, we have the capability to create a Scope that adheres to NEC contract conditions, reducing the risk of discrepancies and uncertainties. This, in turn, enhances the predictability of project costs and schedules.

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Writing the Scope and the Works Information

The Scope (referred to as Works Information in NEC3 serves as a pivotal contract document outlining and describing the tasks to be undertaken by the contractor. It goes beyond mere specifications and drawings, encompassing any specific requirements on how the contractor should execute the work. This includes aspects such as site access, delivery procedures, working hours, noise and vibration regulations, and coordination with other stakeholders. Many elements within the contract conditions necessitate a well-drafted Scope to ensure the contract's effectiveness. For instance, matters related to design responsibility and criteria for completion and quality management.

An incomplete Scope during the tendering stage can result in the contractor inaccurately pricing the work or failing to allocate time for it in the project schedule. A precisely written Scope that maintains consistency throughout and aligns with other contract documents is essential for a successful project outcome. Insufficient Scopes, along with disparities and ambiguities, often fall under the client's responsibility and can lead to project delays and increased costs. While disputes often centre around payment and project schedule extensions, these issues frequently stem from inadequately prepared Scopes.

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Drafting Z Clauses

We have extensive expertise in crafting Z clauses and making adjustments to contracts. Our aim is to ensure that these clauses offer clarity to all involved parties and adhere to the NEC terminology and standard contract conditions. Our services extend to evaluating Z clauses prepared by others and providing guidance on how alterations might impact matters of risk and liability.

Z clauses serve as supplementary contract provisions that are added to the standard NEC contract forms. They are designed to tailor the contract to the specific requirements of the client, the chosen contract strategy, and the allocation of risk for a particular project. The utilisation of Z clauses is a fundamental aspect of the adaptable nature of NEC contracts and can yield positive outcomes for both parties, as long as they don't result in an unjust or inequitable agreement. It's crucial to note that Z clauses should be authored by individuals with experience in the field and not by those lacking familiarity with the process.

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Preparing of Tender Documentation

We possess extensive experience in the realms of both public and private sector procurement. Our capabilities incorporate the creation of diverse tender documents and NEC contract materials essential for soliciting bids for projects and services. This includes:

• Developing Pre-Qualification Questionnaires
• Crafting the Invitation to Tender
• Formulating comprehensive Instructions for Tenderers
• Establishing criteria for Tender Evaluation and Assessment
• Devising Quality Questionnaires
• Preparing Contract Data
• Composing Scope/Service Information/Works Information
• Incorporating Site Information

We offer advisory services to our clients, aiding them in selecting the most suitable NEC4 forms for procuring the necessary works and services crucial to their project's success. Framework agreements serve as bilateral contracts between purchasers and suppliers. It's not uncommon for purchasers to have several similar agreements in place with multiple suppliers. The utilisation of sole supplier frameworks, such as SCAPE, has gained popularity. These frameworks streamline the procurement process for individual projects, reducing time and effort, while also enhancing opportunities for collaborative relationships.

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Embarking on successful project delivery requires the right tools, and we're here to deliver with you through the dynamic world of project management. Our services cater to those utilising the Microsoft Project and Primavera software (P6), depending on the size of the organisation and complexity of the project offering tailored solutions to delivering project capabilities.

For those embracing Microsoft Project, our comprehensive suite of services is designed to transform your project planning, execution, and monitoring.

If your choice leans towards the Primavera software, our suite of services equips you to navigate the software's advanced features such as cost loaded programmes seamlessly. We'll guide you through project planning, resource management, cost control, and risk analysis using Primavera.

In both cases, our goal is singular: to amplify the benefits of your chosen project management software. We understand that streamlined processes, efficient collaboration, and successful project outcomes hinge on the right programme implementation. With a track record of proven success in.

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Drafting Framework Agreements

We possess substantial experience in preparing various agreements using the NEC Framework Contract (NEC FC). Our services encompass offering advice on the most effective use of the NEC FC. We are proficient in creating the necessary contract documents for the Framework, which include:

Contract Data for the Framework Contract
Framework Information
Framework Scope
Selection and quotation procedures for Work Orders and Time Charge Orders
Contract Data for Work Orders
Contract Data for Time Charge Orders

A framework agreement serves as the overarching structure for commissioning contracts related to works and services. The NEC FC is well-suited for establishing long-term, non-binding agreements with Suppliers, making it suitable for a wide range of construction and engineering projects.

The NEC forms that are used alongside the NEC Framework Contract comprise both the long and short forms of the:

Engineering and Construction Contract
Professional Service Contract
Supply Contract

We offer clients expert advice on selecting the most appropriate NEC4 forms for procuring the necessary works and services vital for their project's success.

Frameworks stand as bilateral agreements between purchasers and suppliers. It's not uncommon for purchasers to establish multiple similar agreements with various suppliers. The adoption of sole supplier frameworks, such as SCAPE, has gained significant popularity. These frameworks streamline the procurement process for individual projects, saving time and effort, while also fostering opportunities for collaborative relationships.

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Early Contractor Involvement and pre-construction

We provide guidance to clients on the suitable use and application of Early Contractor Involvement (ECI). Our services encompass preparing the relevant contract documents and procedures necessary for the effective management of ECI.

Engaging suppliers at an early stage has become a crucial part of the procurement strategy, particularly for complex projects involving multiple stakeholders and interfaces. Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) is an effective form of risk management, offering a collaborative approach for clients and contractors to develop designs and agree on project prices and schedules.

Early contractor involvement is made possible through the secondary option X22 available in the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract. Under this approach, both parties enter into a single contract to jointly develop and define project scopes and pricing before moving to the construction phase. ECI can also be implemented through a separate pre-construction agreement using the Professional Service Contract.

Pre-contract start-up workshops
Before commencing the design or construction phase of a project, it is important that all those with a part to play in operating and managing the contract are aware of its requirements and their own duties. Our pre-contract start-up workshops focus on the roles and responsibilities of the four main parties in an NEC contract namely; Client, Contractor, Project Manager and Supervisor. The workshops can be tailored to reflect the scope of the project and any Z clauses or amendments that have been made to the standard form of NEC contract.

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Contract Reviews

Conducting a contract review is vital to safeguard your legal and commercial interests. Before entering into a contract, both parties should possess a clear understanding of each other's rights and obligations, and share a common perception of how risk is allocated within the contract.

We provide an independent contract review service for NEC contracts, catering to Clients, Contractors, Subcontractors, and Consultants at various stages of the procurement process, including tendering, offering, selection, and awarding. Ideally, a contract review should be carried out prior to finalising the agreement, but it can also be undertaken during contract execution if issues or disputes arise. We offer a comprehensive evaluation of your contract, or alternatively, a more concise "high-level" review focusing on the critical contract aspects that demand attention.

A thorough contract review encompasses an examination of any Z clauses or contract amendments. We also assess key areas such as payment terms, delay damages, indemnities, liability and insurance, along with provisions for termination and dispute resolution. Our reports are written in plain language, highlighting areas of potential risk and explaining how the parties' rights and responsibilities might be impacted. Where relevant, our reports provide recommendations for changes and include proposals for revising the contract conditions.

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Contract Administration and Change Control

NEC contracts emphasise open communication with regular meetings and Early Warnings and collaboration between parties. The project manager facilitates regular communication between the client, contractor, and other stakeholders, ensuring everyone is aligned with project goals and objectives.

Risk Management and Compensation Events:
The project manager actively manages risks and any events that may impact the project's cost, time, or quality. When a compensation event (change or unforeseen circumstance) occurs, the project manager assesses its impact, notifies the relevant parties, and follows the contract's procedures for addressing it.

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frequently asked Questions

Our team of experienced quantity surveyors is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable cost management solutions for your projects. We know that navigating the intricacies of construction expenses can be overwhelming, so we're here to support you and the process.

Browse through our FAQ section to find answers to common queries, ranging from what a quantity surveyor does, to how we can optimize your project's budget and ensure its success. We're committed to transparency and clarity, so if you can't find the information you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

What do project managers do?

Project managers are responsible for planning, executing, and overseeing projects from start to finish. They work with stakeholders to define project goals, develop project plans, and track progress. Project managers also manage budgets, resources, and risks.

Project managers work in a variety of industries, including technology, construction, healthcare, and manufacturing. They may work on projects of all sizes, from small internal projects to large, complex projects that involve multiple teams and stakeholders.

Project managers play a critical role in ensuring the success of projects. By effectively planning, executing, and managing projects, project managers help organisations achieve their goals and deliver value to their customers.

What is the primary role of a Project Manager in a construction project?

The primary role of a project manager in a construction project is to ensure that the project is delivered on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards. This involves overseeing the entire project lifecycle, from planning and design to construction and handover.

Why do you need a Project Manager?

In short, a project manager is essential for the successful delivery of any construction project. They play a vital role in planning, managing, and coordinating the project, and in ensuring that it is completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards.

Overall, a project manager plays a vital role in the successful delivery of construction projects. By effectively managing the project lifecycle and all of the stakeholders involved, they help to ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards.

Do Project Managers only work on large-scale projects?

No, project managers can work on projects of all sizes, from small internal projects to large, complex projects that involve multiple teams and stakeholders. In fact, many project managers spend most of their time working on small projects. This is because small projects are often just as important as large projects, and they can be just as complex and challenging.

Even for small projects, it is important to have a project manager who is experienced and qualified. A good project manager can help to ensure that your project is successful, even if it is small in scale.