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HJH - offers a comprehensive array of design, survey, aslaid, and AutoCAD services spanning the entire spectrum from initial feasibility to project completion. Our suite of services and support allows you the freedom to concentrate on your core business activities, while our team of specialised professionals assumes responsibility for all technical and administrative aspects inherent to your projects.

Always looking one step ahead

Our portfolio showcases our adeptness in handling intricate projects, managing programs, and overseeing portfolios within the United Kingdom. At HJH our commitment to exceptional customer service, fostering employee growth, and fostering innovation has earned us the esteemed title of "Small Consultancy of the Year" in 2023.
As a multidisciplinary contractual company, we specialise in the utilisation of all contracts including the use of the NEC forms of engineering and construction contracts. Our unique skill set allows us to navigate the intricacies of these contracts with precision and efficiency.

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Welcome to HJH Design division

With an extensive track record, HJH - boasts a wealth of expertise in orchestrating and delivering a diverse range of disciplines within the domains of Design, Construction, and Utilities.
The distinctiveness of HJH - is rooted in our reliance on a cadre of accomplished engineers and designers, who work in tandem to ensure project implementation and delivery that is not only distinguished by its quality and cost-effectiveness, but also by its unparalleled speed.
This distinctive amalgamation of diversified management, coupled with our continuously expanding repository of adept personnel, propels HJH - onward as a specialised service provider, driven by a wide spectrum of customer-oriented objectives.
Our offerings are accessible on a nationwide scale. Our operational bases are strategically situated in the regions of Wirral, Manchester, Cumbria, Swansea, and Hereford.

Design Services: Water-Gas-Multilay Expertise

Our proficiency in CDM (Construction Design and Management) and construction practices coalesce to enhance the seamless execution of projects, spanning the entire trajectory from feasibility assessment to ultimate financial reckoning.

We extend the privilege to clients of designating HJH Commercial Consultants as the Principal Designer. This strategic option preserves the autonomy of both the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor roles, mitigating the potential for conflicts of interest among stakeholders. This approach guarantees a sense of security throughout the project's lifecycle.

With in-house capabilities encompassing surveying, design formulation, PCI (Principal Contractor Involvement) documentation, budget estimations, project management, quantity surveying, auditing, and Aslaid production, we establish a foundation of comprehensive stability.

Furthermore, this integrated suite of services empowers us to adhere rigorously to regulations and proficiently oversee the Pre-Construction, Construction, and Post-Construction phases of any venture, ensuring its secure fruition in alignment with the CDM 2015 standards.

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At HJH Commercial Consultants, we present a proficient and cost-effective AutoCAD service, allowing you to direct your focus towards your central business activities, all while enjoying complete assurance.

The entirety of our AutoCAD technicians hold qualifications from City & Guilds, underscoring their expertise, and possess extensive experience across diverse realms of drafting.

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At HJH, we take great pride in the calibre and precision exhibited in the Aslaid/Asbuilt AutoCAD drawings furnished to our esteemed clientele, accompanied by an unparalleled swiftness of delivery.

We firmly uphold the notion that on-site visits to construction sites are imperative. These visits serve to guarantee the accurate capture of asset data and comprehensive photographic documentation, aligning with our firm commitment to excellence.

Employing the latest GPS equipment and laser measuring devices, our surveys are conducted during open excavation or construction, ensuring every detail is meticulously recorded with millimetre accuracy.

Additionally, photographic evidence provides clarity on correct construction methods. All recorded data is geotagged for future reference.

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Surveying Services

We extend an economically viable, tailor-made Surveying service that can be intricately tailored to align with the specific demands of our clients.

Our seasoned in-house AutoCAD team meticulously handles all survey processing, ensuring a seamless trajectory that adheres rigorously to our elevated benchmarks. This approach expedites the delivery process for our clients.

Our core objective is to consistently furnish an unparalleled service package.

Our repertoire of Survey offerings encompasses a diverse array of techniques, including but not limited to:

- Topographical
- Utilities
- Measured Building
- Highways
- Pre-Construction
- Waterways
- Street Furniture
- Conservation
- As-laid & As-built
- GSM Signal Test

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100% Success Rate

100% of projects we have worked on have been delivered within budget and to time frame.

Experience & Knowledge

We have already completed many projects with across the UK and have a wealth of knowledge and Experience.

Remove Headaches

We help you manage all areas of the construction process, from tendering and financial planning to delivering the project.

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frequently asked Questions

Our team of experienced quantity surveyors is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable cost management solutions for your projects. We know that navigating the intricacies of construction expenses can be overwhelming, so we're here to support you and the process.

Browse through our FAQ section to find answers to common queries, ranging from what a quantity surveyor does, to how we can optimize your project's budget and ensure its success. We're committed to transparency and clarity, so if you can't find the information you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

What is the Role of Design in Construction?

Design in construction involves creating detailed plans and specifications for buildings and other structures. It plays a crucial role in ensuring that the end product meets client requirements, is safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Who is Responsible for the Design in Construction Projects?

Architects and engineers are primarily responsible for design in construction projects. They work together to ensure that the structural, mechanical, electrical, and architectural aspects of a building are harmonious and compliant with regulations.

How Important is Sustainability in Construction Design?

Sustainability has become increasingly important, focusing on energy efficiency, environmentally friendly materials, and long-term sustainability in construction design.

What is BIM (Building Information Modelling), and How Does it Impact Design?

BIM is a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a building. It allows for more accurate and efficient planning, design, construction, and management of buildings and infrastructure.

How Does Design Affect Construction Costs?

The design phase significantly influences the overall cost of a construction project. Effective design can optimise the use of materials and labor, thereby reducing costs.

What are the Latest Trends in Construction Design?

Current trends include modular construction, green and sustainable building practices, the use of advanced technology like AI and VR, and a focus on flexibility and adaptability in design.

Is it compulsory to have a Quantity Surveyor for construction projects?

It's not always compulsory, but having a QS ensures costs are effectively managed and the project remains on budget. In certain contracts or regions, it might be a requirement.

What is the difference between the NEC, JCT and FIDIC and other forms of contract

NEC, JCT, and FIDIC are all standard types of construction contracts used in the infrastructure  industry. They each have their own distinct characteristics and are designed to serve different purposes. Here's an overview of the differences between these three and other contract types:

NEC (New Engineering Contract):
Focus: NEC contracts highlight collaboration, flexibility, and risk-sharing between parties.
Management: NEC contracts place a strong emphasis on project management, with clear roles and responsibilities for each party. The Project Manager (PM) has a central role in administering the contract.
Risk Allocation: The party best equipped to manage a particular risk is assigned that risk under NEC contracts. The contract promotes early identification and resolution of issues.
Compensation: Payment mechanisms are based on defined costs, target costs, and gain/pain share mechanisms.
Time Management: NEC contracts use a "compensation event" mechanism to manage changes and delays.
Versions: NEC3 and NEC4 are the two most commonly used editions of NEC contracts.

JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal):
Focus: JCT contracts provide a balanced approach to allocating risk between parties.
Tradition: JCT contracts have a long history and are widely used in the UK construction industry.
Varieties: There are various types of JCT contracts available for different project types and procurement methods.
Payment: JCT contracts typically include interim payments and final payments based on defined project stages.
Dispute Resolution: JCT contracts often include mechanisms for resolving disputes, such as adjudication, arbitration, or legal action.
Types: Examples include JCT Standard Building Contract, JCT Design and Build Contract, and more.

FIDIC (Fédération Internationale Des Ingénieurs-Conseils):
International: FIDIC contracts are commonly used for international building projects and are sometimes called the "Rainbow Suite" due to their various contract types represented by different colors.
Risk Sharing: FIDIC contracts aim to strike a balance between the interests of parties and include provisions for sharing risks.
Editions: FIDIC contracts come in different editions and contract types, such as Red Book (Construction), Yellow Book (Plant and Design-Build), Silver Book (EPC/Turnkey), etc.
Dispute Avoidance: FIDIC contracts emphasize avoiding disputes through mechanisms like the Engineer's role in decision-making and dispute resolution boards.
Types: Different FIDIC editions suit different project types and delivery methods.

Other types of contracts:
ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers): Frequently used for civil engineering projects.
PPC (Project Partnering Contract): Stresses collaboration and long-term relationships.
ACA (Association of Consultant Architects): Tailored for architectural and design-related contracts.